Tuesday, November 12, 2013

About the author

Hello all,

My name is Vahe Demirjian and I have been a freelance expert in Mesozoic animals for over 10 years. With universal recognition that birds are not a group separate from reptiles but instead a group of theropod dinosaurs closely aligned with the raptor dinosaurs of Jurassic Park fame, I now tend to view dinosaurs not as terrifying animals but instead one of the surviving groups of Mesozoic animals (just as mammals are merely living derivatives of extinct reptiles like Dimetrodon), having come in a huge variety of shapes, size, habitats, adaptations, et cetera.

I first learned about the names of many extinct dinosaurs when I bought a copy of the book Scholastic Dinosaurs A to Z and my grandpa gave me a copy of David Lambert's book Field Guide to Dinosaurs. The purpose of my blog, however, is to comment on the sauropod dinosaurs, with respect to their taxonomy, biogeography, biology, and discovery. I hope this blog will provide interesting never-before-heard facts about the largest group of extinct dinosaurs that ever lived.

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